Ujung kulon National Park

Discover the spectacular natural beauty of Sunda Strait - Indonesia
On the south western tip of the island of Java, where the vast expanse of the Sunda strait merger is one of Indonesia's paramount national park, Ujung Kulon, which meant West Point, possesses an exceptional profile of Indonesia wildness from forested mountain ranges to coral sea, in the forest of the park the only viable herd of one – horned Javan Rhinoceros on earth still roams freely as the animal have done for countless centuries, and bestowed with the status of World Heritage (Nature) Site. What makes it even more remark is that the park remain a pristine haven of nature, on Java, one of the most densely populated island on earth.
Well know as the last home for Javan Rhinoceros, Ujung Kulon National Park also high biodiversity, consisting of three ecosystem, they are marine, coastal and terrestrial containing 30 kinds mammals, 21 kinds of reptiles, 17 kinds amphibian, 270 kinds of avers, 63 kinds of reefs, 175 kinds of fishes, and beautiful nature panorama. The primary forest of the Ujung Kulon Peninsula, the mainland Honje Range and the low and rainforest of Peucang island are among the finest examples in Java. Beneath the many species of palms and towering strangling figs with draping roots, delightful flowers including unique orchid, shelter beneath bamboo stands while the open grasslands also contribute to the diverse vegetation of the park. Within the park there has been over 310 species of fauna ecorded. Of these the endangered one horn rhinoceros now total around 60 animals. In contrast to the rarely seen rhino, wild cattle, barking deer, wild pig, and monkeys are common sightings. Other primates include crab eating macaque, lemur and the very rare leaf monkey while leopards, fish eating cats, civets, giants squirrels and porcupines are among the wide variety of animals to be found within the forest.



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