Krakatoa Volcano

Volcanic activity recommenced in May, 1883 and continued into August, the first eruptions appearing on the northern, Perbuatan volcano. The number of active vents increased on both the northern volcanoes. On the 26 th and 27 th August series of cataclysmic explosions occurred which were heard 3500 miles away as far away as South Australia and Ceylon, was recorded as of the world's biggest explosion the force of 100.000 hydrogen bombs, They generated tsunamis (tidal wave) crashed ashore and devastated hundreds of town and village, reaching almost 10 miles inland in some places.

The resulting killer waves at speed up to a 350 miles per hour and reached height of 135 feet that were registered even in the English Channel, 11.000 miles away and which in the Sunda – strait area were devastating, killing more than 36.000 people. That total volume of material ejected by the eruption is estimated at some 18 – 21 cubic kilometers, 30 km high into the atmosphere with an ash cloud circling the earth several times. Causing “ blue suns” and “orange moons “ in Europe and North America . The amount of the sun's energy reaching the earth was reduced, and in the year or two that followed, annual average temperatures in the northern hemisphere were than usua

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