Ujung kulon National Park

Ujung kulon National Park is one of History facts of the ruin of Krakatau Mt.It was Explossion in 1883, which has known for its great explosion that continued to succession of the growing of the plants and wild Animals. Ujung Kulon National park as wellknown as home for Javan Rhinocerous (Rhinocerous Sondanicus).Through surfey that was done by Experts, it was found 700 kinds of Flora and 57 amomg them are rare and endemic species,and up to the present the flora and fauna potential are spreaded into the Vegetations, Coastal forest, mangrove , fresh water swamp and low land typical forest.Ujung kulon national park is one of the conservation area in Indonesia thath has important role in preserving nature resource andecosystem as fit of the function and protecton, preservation and use in effort to support public prosperity and better livng.Ujung kulon national park as well known home for Javan Rhinocerous as the last. Ujung kulon Natioanl park also has Biodiversity consisting of three ecosystem they are Marine, Coastal and Terrestial.


It is best place eco tour destination in Sunda strait.

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