The Baduy hills tribe are community of peoples who refuse all external and strictly practice a traditional style of living, is one of tribe living in peace and leading a simple life blending with natural. Ad in isolation tribe, the living with oiout the influence of modern culture and technology, their area is culture conservation and put under protection and manage by government, their life so unique and attractive to be observed.

The community is classified in the Baduy Dalam and baduy Luar about 400 peolples of Baduy dalam live and three village which are completely sourrounded by a protective zone Baduy Luar. Each villages of Baduy is headed by a Puun (leader) who is deemed sacred for possessing hereditary spiritual power.


DAY 2| Baduy Tribe Tour

After breakfast at 8:00am walking to Kadu Jangkung village by a nice lanscape to see Baduy community how feel a rich culture and nature back to Carita in the afternoon. (end of trip).



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