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Krakatau One Day Tour

The eruption of Krakatau/Krakatoa Volcano on August 1883, was recorded as the the world's biggest explosion the fence of 100.000 hydrogen bombs, tossed 18 cubic kilometer material of the Earth, 30 km high in to atmosphere and covered 827 square km black volcanic dust, the explosion were hear 350 miles away from Srilangka, to Perth Australia to Philippines, Giant wave or tsunami 30-40 meter high crashed ashore and devastated hundred of town and villages, reaching almost 100 kills island, over 36.00 people perished.


In 1927 amid submarine explosion, a new volcanic island is began from the sea where the old island had existed, in 1952 it reached 200 feed above the sea. it is named Anak Krakatau/Krakatoa (child of Krakatau) it is a new above 35 meters tall and spurting fire and cinder, it is lovely volcano in the middle of the sea.

UJUNG KULON TOUR JAKARTA has a reliable experience to organize Krakatau Tour Package to assist you visiting and closing Krakatau/Krakatoa and to visit easier UJUNGKULON TOUR Jakarta Krakatau/Krakatoa Tour Package was followed:

 1. One day Krakatau Tour (The KrakatauTour with fast boat)

Depart from Carita at 8:00 AM than we board the boat (speed boat) to Krakatau volcano approximately 2 hours, landed and climb up the volcano than back to the boat to old Krakatau,Krakatoa island for snorkeling to see variety of fish at coral reef, lunch will be served on the beach, back to Carita in the afternoon. (end of trip).


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